Prof.Omar Foundation for human right and Justices

Prof. Omar Sheik Osman Prof.Omar Foundation for human right and Justices "Let no one be discouraged by the belief there is nothing one person can do against the enormous array of the world's ills, misery, ignorance, and violence. Few will have the greatness to bend history, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. And in the total of all those acts will be written the history of a generation." Robert Francis Kennedy
Somali is without central government for two decades, a huge number of internal people are displaced and the refugees are fleeing and escape from political strife, persecution, and war. Nearly all have endured enormous physical hardship and emotional traumas. For many, hardship is a part of life, and suffering, abysmal. Yet the desire to seek a better future and the dream for a better life perseveres.

The challenges faced by disadvantaged people inside Somali communities, will require to develop consensually programs that respond to the needs of Somalis to the country and to increase awareness about Somali aborigine issues at home.

Vulnerable populations have limited access to food, shelter, water, health and sanitation facilities. They are farmers and agro-pastoral groups, Eyle clan traditionally hunters and "subjected to harassment, Bantu, Bravenese, Rerhamar, Bajuni, Eyle and DigilMirifle, who lack the right skills to generate income in the main urban centres. For instance, the inter-riverine area regions exist under appalling conditions - dwelling are constructed from sticks and grasses that give little protection from climate elements and few can afford to acquire plastic sheets to cover their homes. Both water and sanitation conditions are very poor since there are no latrines and waste disposal system.
The misunderstood conflict:
The truth of the conflict in Somalia especially in southern part of the country is that the armed groups from central Somalia's Conquest to evict the dormant peace loving and unarmed population in the inter-riverine area in general and especially in Lower shabelle. With weapons and armed gangs in hand the armed clan especially the armed tribe from central region, made international NGOs a hostage. A hostage that wanted to good in a land without laws or norms, then, instead of fighting back and correcting the situation the NGOs adopted a policy of if can’t beat them just join them. So the NGO became a double edge sword. An NGO never hire except from the armed tribes and that made all the aid to go to the hands that kill the most vulnerable people in Somalia. With the gains (money) made from food and other aid shipments these gangs are able today to control every aspect of our lives, ether its business, transportation, security they call the shots thanks to the unaccounted aid moneys from the NGOs. It has been twenty years that our people suffered in the hands of these criminal gangs unfortunately assisted by the international NGOs.
Inside Somalia • Human Rights Violations:
The level of human rights violations faced by the community is incomparable to anywhere else with regard to new socially set terminologies of dehumanization and victimization of the highest order devised by the dominant clans which was the source of widespread impunity. The terms “Looma oyaan” or un-mourned one”, “Looma aaran” un-avenged one and “Sacaboolay” simply meaning an armed.
Prof.Omar Foundation for human right and Justices
Prof.Omar Foundation for human right and Justices’s mission is to advocate for resettling Somali aborigine refugees in their village, promote cultural, educational, and socio-economic development in the refugeeand immigrant Somali community in the U.K. Conduct humanitarian and community development programs in the Horn of Africa.

The organization is addressing the needs of marginalized people inside Somali communities in Somalia which are social and economic exclusion, they considered the neediest group among Somalia people, they are at the bottom of the society, they are facing worst starvation, highest poverty rates, massive displacement, huge unemployment figures, highest illiteracy levels and horrific health and sanitation status.

We need your support more to save a victimized community and indigenous minority people will be wiped out if an intervention is not made urgently, we need your help more than ever as our programs and services try to respond to the many challenges and needs facing the African newcomer community.