Somalia: Peace and Stabilization in Native Government

The procedural approach of selecting parliament and forming government in Somalia plays an important, decisive role in either prolonging or ending the civil strife and political turmoil in the country.

The agendas for all the peace talks and national reconciliation conferences held for Somalia since 2000 were all based on non-existent Greater Somalia (Somaliwein) approach where delegates coming from Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopian Somali Region, Kenyan Somali Province, and even Djibouti had equal representation and participation. To this date, no single genuine national reconciliation conference was held for the people of Somalia, where the problem exists, and no government truly representing the interest of the people of Somalía was formed yet.

This misguided policy of Somali Conferences createdpolitical confusion that turned Somalia into no man's land with endless anarchy, and violence which became pretext for foreign invasions mainly from the natural archenemies of all Somalis, Ethiopia and Kenya, and the rise of Al-Shabab Group that all led to making Somalia a failed state.People of Somalia never had chance to hold their own reconciliation conference to form their government and parliament. The country became red meat instead for power and money hungry people from the other four Somalis who treated it like a kill devoured by brutal, flesh tearing, skin ripping hyenas.

As we all know, citizens from Somalia are not allowed to be members in the parliaments and governments of Somaliland, Djibouti, Somali Ethiopia, and Somali Kenya while many elements from these countries fill the ranks of Somalia’s parliament and government taking advantage of false umbrella of Greater Somalia that does not exist to day.These people are profiteering from the political confusion and chaos in the country and from the suffering and pain of its people for over 21 years. The power seeking influx from the other 4 Somalis are partly to blame for what is happening in Somalía because many of them could be deliberately engaged in acts preventing or distracting Somalia’s people from having reconciliation conference of their own believing that they would lose their profiteering positions if Somalia forms its own government. Outsiders, opportunity seekers, prevent citizens of Somalia from helping themselves. Whendemocratic elections are held in Somalia in the future, these outsiders will not have districts to run for to be elected but will go back to their homelands.Then, why are they there? Why are they cashing in in the suffering of the people of Somalia?

The idea of Greater Somalia had momentum in the 1940s and 1950s with the political objective of liberating all the five Somali Territories and bringing them together under the same flag and government in the Horn of Africa. Unfortunately, this Greater Somalia dream did not come true yet and its realization is unpredictable. So no one should be misled or deceived with it.

Having seen the endless anarchy, fear, violence, death, destruction, displacements, and misery in Somalia, and the total failure of the successive Pan-Somali parliaments and governments, Somali politicians, business people, intellectuals, traditional leaders, and civil society must stand up for the cause of their country and take matters into their own hands to end the suffering of their people and to restore peace and order in Somalia. They must reject the idea of basing Somalia’s peace and reconciliation conferences on Greater Somalia which is not realistic today but only perpetuates the misery and suffering of their people. The only road to peace and stabilization in Somalia lies in holding Native National Reconciliation Conference to form native parliament and government that belong and represent only Somalia and its people. Somalia must no longer remain hostage to Greater Somalia philosophy. An old Somali proverb says, “Fruits held in the waist are not discarded for fruits on a tree.” " Miro gunti ku jira looma daadiyo miro geed saaran."

Elements or members from Somaliland, Somalí Ethiopia, Somalí Kenya, and Djibouti must not be allowed in the government, parliament, judiciary, military, and police of Somalía in the future because they do not represent any body. All members should be native whose feelings are hurt by the suffering of their people and by the bad reputation of their country. This is the only way to pacify and stabilize Somalia. Let its people run it, let them decide on their destiny. It is their country.

Another thing to remember, any future talks between Somaliland and Somalía will be between two governments where each one will represent only its own people. Somaliland will not hold talks with Somaliwein-based government of Somalía because the talks are not between Somalíland and Somaliwein but between Somaliland native government and Somalía's native government. Native government of Somalia will encourage mutual talks between Somaliland and Somalia in the future.